Initial musings

Sooo first blog post eh? I must admit I’ve always viewed blogging as quite a self indulgent activity- me, me, me, blah, blah, blah. Recently however I seem to be spending a lot of time with a small person attached to one of my nipples. This has also meant a lot of time spent daydreaming (I.e planning imaginary child free mini-breaks, arguing with myself over the need for cake, wondering when I started to think it was acceptable to leave the house wearing leggings etc) and very little actual adult conversation. So, for my own sanity I thought I’d give this blogging lark a go.

Mainly I will write about the comings and goings of day to day life with my little one ‘O’, currently five months, hence the ‘slings and swings’ username (slings, by the way, are amazing! More on this later). Each day starts with a coffee in bed whilst the aforementioned small person is suckling at my chest, and this is when I envisage possibly having the time to blog. And so, ‘coffee in bed’ was born.*

Today was a little different from the norm as we’re in big old London Town. With a day free to roam the city (whilst freeloading on my husband’s business trip), I decided I’d join the yummy mummy’s of Notting Hill in a trip to the rather swanky electric cinema. Monday’s mornings here mean a baby friendly screening (nattily titled ‘the electric scream’) of what today turned out to be a prettying crap rom com (The Intern- don’t bother. I was bored, and I have a pretty low entertainment threshold these days). Still, a Monday morning sitting in a fancy cinema armchair sipping a latte can’t really be moaned about. Sadly getting there entailed catching the tube, which I’m not a fan of at the best of times, let alone with a 13 pound baby strapped to my chest (slings all the way in London!). I will write more about this when I have the energy.

Caffeine has featured heavily in my day today, as it does most days. Today’s ‘coffee in bed’ was a nespresso cappuccino- not perfect, but a vast improvement on the freeze dried supermarket crap I usually begin the day with. Caffeinated beverage number two- an orange spiced latte courtesy of cafe Nero was a little sickly for my tastes. I found coffee-based perfection in my third hit of the day- a cappuccino at Gails bakery- it was spot on, not too strong and just the right amount of foam. Sadly Gail doesn’t seem to have ventured North of the border from where I hail.

By now, anybody actually reading this blog will have realised that it really is a disconnected jumble of my musings on life. I hope to find my own style in time as I enjoy this self-confessed self-indulgent journey into the world of blogging.

I will leave you with the highs (and lows) of my day in photographic form. Don’t even ask about the goats.


image image image*Note- this was the blogs original name. Coffee instead of gin? Who was I kidding!


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