Feel the burn


I like eating cake. Very much. I also like being able to fasten my trousers (well, pull up my jeggings actually). In order for these things to be mutually compatible I have been engaging in a little exercise of late. Now, I’m not taking tough mudder or any of that nonsense. More like picking a cake shop a slightly longer walk away.

Please don’t think this is purely a vanity thing- for me exercise is as much about mental health as it is physical. But I’ve always favoured exercising a little more in order to enjoy good grub rather than depriving myself of the finer things in life (gin, cake, gin…). Pre-baby I was frequenting a rather nice gym which is sadly not compatible with my maternity pay, so I’ve been on the hunt for more purse friendly exercise. Here are my faves:

Walking is the obvious choice. The supermarket two miles away which I would previously have never dreamed of walking to is now regularly my on-foot destination. On a lazy day I’ll aim for the waitrose instead- I’m sure the 15 minute walk more than justifies the free cappuccino when I get there. But you have to be strategic- best get the free one from the machine rather than the cafe or you’ll have to make a purchase. And your mind will say banana, but your mouth will ask for the butterscotch yum yum (guilty as charged). Which is fine. But don’t look at the little sign with the calorie content on below it (because they’re a great idea. Said nobody, ever)

This was a revelation- you can actually exercise whilst wearing your baby. Be it in a dance class (big up york sling swing!), or in the comfort of your own living room. The Germans are ahead of us on this one- I’ve found some decent sling workouts on YouTube. I’ve done this one a couple of times-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U4NV5WmzSJY&feature=youtu.be. I would fast forward the first couple of minutes unless you’ve brushed up on your GSCE German (and try not to get distracted by that ikea mirror display!).

Fitness DVDs
Whilst pregnant, I became a fan of Tracey Anderson and this DVD in particular- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tracy-Anderson-Method-Pregnancy-Worldwide/dp/B00CM6O2R2. Yes her choice of workout attire is borderline slutty, but I like the fact that she’s also pregnant in it and I think she’s probably single handedly responsible for my ass not being 100% lard whilst pregnant. Her postnatal DVD however was not good. I mean, who works out to classical music? Weird. I found it really hard and a bit demoralising. Erin O’Brian’s DVD was a far gentler introduction back to exercise, even if she is pretty annoying. If you’re feeling particularly energetic Gillian Michaels is also a good bet.

So there you have it. I still can’t run for shit. But who needs running when you’ve got cake?


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