The Mum Uniform

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Since becoming a Mum, there’s no denying that my style has changed considerably. I wasn’t really prepared for this to be honest. At all. I used to wear dresses and tights most days, but quickly found that sitting on the floor crossed legged at various baby groups with my gusset on show was not a good look. So here are the staple go-to pieces that now (sadly) dominate my wardrobe…


Loose tops

Even though I’d always intended to breastfeed, it came as quite a shock that I had to be able to get a tit out of everything I wear at less than 30 seconds notice.

Loose tops serve two purposes- they hide your mum tum and, if you’re nursing, they are great for the one-up-one-down boob-out manoeuvre. I have a whole heap of tops now that I’ll probably never wear again but can’t stand to throw away. Sob.


Nursing bra and vests

I literally live in my comfy black nursing bra. It’s pretty minging, and most definitely not sexy in the slightest. But man is it comfy. Similarly H&M nursing vests have been a winner for me- I’m not ample in the chest department so I find these supportive enough to wear even without a bra. Primark ones are shit, don’t bother.



Until I was pregnant I had never worn a pair of leggings in my life. Then I discovered that they are the comfiest thing known to man. Initially I just wore them at home, but gradually they spilled into my everyday wardrobe. Post pregnancy I continued to wear for some time (well, still do) my now chest-high maternity leggings. I also discovered Next jeggings, on the recommendation of a friend- these are high-waisted enough to tuck your muffin top into, thick enough to keep your legs warm and just generally quite flattering. Winner.


Baby wearing coat

By no means essential- I got by for some time with my husbands zip-up jacket wrapped round us both when I popped out, but I do love my baby-wearing parka. Mine’s from Verbaudet. It wasn’t cheap but they have a lot of sales and discount codes on offer. You can get zip converter panel thingies to adapt normal coats too.



I’ve never been one to spend a fortune on my footwear, but I do have a fairly extensive collection most of which I hardly ever wear now. Because lets face it, carrying a baby whilst teetering around in heels makes you look like a tit. And comfort and practicality do become the most important things, however sad that may feel. I hardly used to wear my converse, but now they fit the bill perfectly. I’ve also noticed that they are ‘de rigueur’ at the various baby groups I attend. I will admit that whilst wearing these, my jeggings and my parka I do look like a tramp. I was definitely getting some down-the-nose looks from the counter ladies in Fenwicks (more than usual) when I was shuffling my way through there last week. Sod them. At least my face isn’t orange.


Definitely not glamorous. But oh so comfy.


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