Two sinks, one baby: The night away (avec enfant)

night away


Recently I decided to go away and spent a night in a hotel with my husband and our 6 month old. ‘Are you mad?’, I hear you cry! Well let me tell you, it wasn’t actually that bad. In fact, we quite enjoyed ourselves.

I finally gave into the onslaught of ‘hotel porn’ which regularly lands in my inbox courtesy of secret escapes and booked a rather bargainous night away in a country house hotel. We started off with some very civilized afternoon tea. Hurdle number one- the high chair. Our little one is at that awkward inbetweeny stage where some highchairs are just too big- and it quickly became clear that, despite the valiant attempts of the staff to surround him with a sea of cushions, this was one of those times. Nevertheless, my one-handed afternoon tea was still pretty nice.

The room itself was nice and spacious, and we’d already asked for a travel cot. The bathroom was huge- two sinks! (hence the title). Our son wasn’t so sure, and displayed his distaste by pooing in the bath- the first and only time he has done this. Fun times.

Given the small person accompanying us, we’d booked to have dinner at the hotel early on. Six thirty to be exact. I’d booked this thinking that the restaurant would be pretty quiet at that time. Unfortunately we were the youngest people staying at this hotel by about 50 years, and it seems that 6.30 is THE time to eat if you’re an octogenarian. Fortunately the little man was a star, and fell asleep in his carrycot just before the starters arrived, stirring only once we’d finished dessert. At this point my husband dutifully returned to our room to settle him, leaving me to enjoy the last of my wine (I may have drunk this rather slowly).

So, we were back in the room by 8.30. Rock and roll. But to be honest, these days lying on a bed sipping prosecco and watching crappy TV is my idea of a good night.

The travel cot we arranged? Little man wasn’t a fan. He did manage a few hours, but ultimately we ended up sharing the romantic four-poster with a little gatecrasher. And you know what? We all slept pretty soundly. And that’s always a win in my book.

Coming soon: The night away (sans enfant). Oh yes, this is happening, Hello sleep, how I have missed thee…..


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