Full house

Having a baby makes you re-evaluate all aspects of your life. Work. Friendships. Home. Right now we are in the midst of our own house drama. Somehow since the arrival of little O 10 months ago, our spacious 3 bed terrace has felt anything but. The ‘easy-to-maintain’ backyard suddenly seems like a health and safety hazard waiting to happen for a soon to be mobile little one. And the close proximity to bars and restaurants which we once loved now seems to almost taunt us- oh look, a cool new bar. We’ll go there NEVER (yes I’m ripping off Michael macontrye, oh dear….). All sad but true.
With that in mind we’ve begun our search for the perfect family house. If I hear the term ‘forever home’ once more I cannot be held responsible for my actions. Nobody can predict what will suit their needs forever. Perfect for right now and the near future will suffice. My desire for a big garden and the fact we haven’t won the lottery means staying so close to the centre of York is pretty much off the cards. Plus, call me middle aged but I’m kind of feeling ready for village life. With no family close by the idea of settling somewhere we can potentially make lifelong friendships and meet families our children will go to school with one day really appeals. Maybe I have an idealised view of things, but it feels like the right thing for us.

As I type our search may have come to an end. But as ever, bidding wars and finances are making things far from simple. I will keep you posted…