All Change


I’m back! Returning to work after a year of mat leave and moving house within an 8 week period have sadly not been conducive to blog post writing. However, I enjoy having this space to vent and air my thoughts (however self-indulgent that may sound!) and am keen to continue sharing my escapades via

I have been fortunate that returning to work part-time is fairly common in my line of work after having a little one, and I was keen to try to find a good home/work balance whilst mindful that this is the Holy Grail! It is now three months since I returned to work and I can confirm- it’s hard. I’ve absolutely love being back in a work environment; the much-sought-after ‘pee in peace’ and the elusive hot coffee have indeed been very enjoyable. But even better has been discovering I have not lost many of the skills I spent years developing, and that my hunger for learning and progressing in my career has not been sidelined by motherhood. However in some ways that is what is making it hard. As someone who tends to throw themselves into things, part-time work is a foreign concept. And so for now, I’m still trying to find the best way of not allowing work to creep into my days off. I’m a bugger for repeatedly checking my work emails at home for a start. I want to make the most of the time I have at home with the little man as I can already see how fast he’s growing and changing all the time. And he’s so much fun to be with at this age, even if he is going through a suicidal fingers-in-everything phase. So for now I’ll plod on trying to find a balance and make it work. If you see me cruising down the A19 of a morning sipping my drive-thru maccy d’s coffee and singing to mildly offensive novelty rap (guilty pleasures), please do wave ;-).

And so to the house. Alas, our dream purchase did not go through (combination of awkward seller and us finding out about plans to build a new estate on the beautiful fields it overlooked) and we found ourselves with the dilemma of losing our sale or moving into rented. So we chose the latter. I have to say so far it hasn’t been too bad although O has chosen to become mobile just as we moved into this smaller property! He has definitely enjoyed exploring his new home and prompted many a late-night amazon baby proofing purchase. We now have a garden, which we lacked in our last abode and which I absolutely love. And we may (***fingers crossed***) have found ourselves another property to buy. I think at my last count we had viewed at least 20 houses during this search, and honestly each time I see a new house the list of things I want grows! And I am NOT good at compromise. But I have finally accepted that the period property of my dreams cannot be found in any of our chosen locations within our budget. And as we’re not prepared to live in the middle of nowhere the type of house rather than location has been the thing that had to give. The drama continues!


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